How to extend the service life of plastic drums

- Oct 14, 2020-

1. The operator needs to use double-sided flat pallets to stack the goods packed in plastic drums. The size of the pallet cannot exceed 1.3 meters; each pallet can be stacked to one layer, and the edge of the barrel cannot exceed the edge of the pallet. The number of stacked barrels The size of the pallet can be passed, and the pallets should be stacked symmetrically to make the entire pallet and its upper barrel. The center of gravity is at the center of the tray.

2. The plastic bucket should be stored in the awning to prevent exposure. The storage temperature is required to be controlled below 40 degrees Celsius and above minus 18 degrees Celsius.  

3. Barrels stacked on pallets should be packed and fixed with packaging film. When packaging, the barrel and barrel should be prevented from kneading, and the deformation should be less than or equal to 5%. After packaging, the number of pallets should not exceed 2 layers. When the stack height is high, the upper base should be straight, so that the upper member should be evenly applied to the base. Square position.