How to extend the service life of plastic drums and how to prevent deformation?

- Jun 12, 2020-

First of all, there are two possibilities for the deformation of plastic barrels: their own quality is not good; they do not pay attention to related issues during the application process.

Because of the product quality problems of plastic drums, the problem of deformation is still relatively small. At this stage, plastic drum manufacturers should carry out careful inspection before delivering to the outside. Therefore, its deformation problem is largely related to the objects they include and the location and angle of their storage.

When you use plastic drums for bulk goods, sometimes the drums will deform more easily. There is an interesting name about his deformation. Because the plastic barrel has excellent sealing properties, when the plastic barrel is filled with liquid objects, after the sealing cap is tightened, the plastic barrel is airtight.

Therefore, when the internal liquid is cooled, the pressure in the barrel is reduced, and the external pressure is increased, causing a pressure difference between the inside of the barrel and the outside, and causing the plastic barrel to deform.

In fact, it is a conceptual error. In the manufacturing formula, the pressure that the plastic barrel can bear should be determined according to the risk level of the liquid contained. It will not be deformed by the pressure.