How to extend the service life of plastic drums

- Apr 17, 2020-

1. The operator needs to use double-sided flat pallets to stack the goods packed in plastic barrels. The size of the pallet cannot exceed 1.3 meters; each pallet can be stacked to one layer, the edge of the barrel cannot exceed the edge of the pallet, the number of stacked barrels You can pass the size of the tray, the tray should be stacked symmetrically, so that the entire tray and its upper barrel. The center of gravity is at the center of the tray.

2. Plastic barrels should be stored in the awning to prevent exposure. The storage temperature is required to be controlled below 40 degrees Celsius, and minus 18 degrees Celsius.

3. The barrels stacked on the tray should be packed and fixed with packaging film. When packaging, the barrel and barrel should be prevented from being pinched together, and the deformation should be less than or equal to 5%. After packaging, the number of pallets should not exceed 2 layers. When stacking height, the upper base should be straight, so that the upper member should be evenly applied to the base. Square position.

With the development of society, traditional water tanks cannot be used in buildings and various public places. Plastic packaging barrels are made of various chemical vinyl materials. Although the main material of plastic barrels is plastic, plastic barrels made of hard materials can be used in many fields. The product quality is very hard and can be used for a long time without breaking. The phenomenon of cracking or deterioration has been successfully applied to a large number of people. The volume of water in the container is large, and the sealing of the plastic bucket is particularly strong. It can play a good role under the load of water.

Compared with the traditional water-retaining device, the plastic packaging barrel is easy to carry, can move freely during use, and does not consume too much energy; plastic and metal materials are different, plastic chemical properties are stable, and will not rot under any circumstances. No, it takes a long time. As an indispensable tool in daily life, the product has a low cost and a very low selling price. It successfully entered the lives of public friends and brought a lot of convenience to daily life. The quality of the product can be guaranteed. It is not as easily broken as plastic. The product has excellent flexibility, which can reduce the weight and impact of external objects, and can ensure that the product itself will not be damaged. Plastic barrels are eco-friendly products. They can recycle their waste products, and the recycled products can be refined at high temperature. Melted plastic barrels can be used as raw materials for new products. They belong to the development of an economical industry.