How to effectively solve the problem of deformation in the use of plastic buckets

- Sep 27, 2020-

Users who have used plastic barrels may understand that some deformation occurs after a period of use. Many users think that this problem is due to the good sealing. After the plastic barrel is filled with liquid goods, the lid is tightly screwed. Due to the tightness and airtightness, when the liquid inside is cooled, the pressure in the barrel becomes smaller, and the external pressure is large, resulting in a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the barrel, causing the plastic barrel to deform. The more sealed and airtight the plastic bucket, the easier it is to deform. In fact, this is a conceptual error.

According to the introduction, it can be known that the machines used in the manufacture of plastic barrels in our country are relatively backward, with fewer wall thickness control points, resulting in unevenness of the barrel body. Therefore, the standards for plastic barrels are also relatively loose. The thickness is allowed within the range of 2:1. In this way, a plastic bucket with uneven wall thickness will often be judged qualified when it is subjected to anatomical analysis. In actual use, the plastic barrel will be deformed due to the large difference between the thickness of the barrel wall. This has attracted the attention of plastic machinery manufacturers, and has begun to improve in this regard. Most plastic barrel manufacturers have also actively improved their mold equipment.