How to easily remove the residue of plastic chemical barrels?

- May 04, 2020-

1. The residue can also be removed by heating the chemical barrel; use the heat seal of the hair dryer to soften the residue on the chemical plastic barrel. When the viscosity of the residue becomes small, it can be easily removed.

2. Wuhan chemical barrels can be wiped on the edges of chemical plastic barrels with an eraser, which can easily remove marks. For the viscosity of the residue, the required scrubbing time will be different. If there is alcohol, the cleaning effect after use will be better.

3. You can also use Xinxin water to scrub chemical plastic buckets, and you can also receive a good cleaning effect.

4. Find a dry cloth covered with vinegar and cover it with chemical plastic barrels with residues. After all the impurities are soaked, the thin hard objects can be easily removed.

5. When removing the residue on the chemical plastic barrel, no matter whether it is using de-glazed water or vinegar, it should be fully wetted, so as to ensure effective removal.

6. You can also use a transparent adhesive with a relatively high viscosity to tear and stick the residue, so that the surface stains can also be removed.

7. Scrubbing chemical plastic barrels with Fengyoujing can also achieve a good cleaning effect.

8. The residue on the chemical plastic barrel can also be removed with soap and a small amount of ammonia mixed liquid, so that the surface of the chemical plastic barrel becomes more shiny.