Whether high-density polyethylene can be used in plastic drums and its production process

- Dec 13, 2018-

Whether high-density polyethylene can be used in plastic drums and its production process


Plastic barrels, which are widely used, have penetrated into everyone's daily life. Therefore, in order to have a correct understanding of the product and to be able to use it reasonably, the following will be done in the plastic barrel to achieve the above objectives.


1. Is there a high-density polyethylene in the materials used in plastic drums?

Among the materials used in plastic drums, there is a material called high-density polyethylene, which is HDPE, which is a clean, non-polar thermoplastic resin. It is milky white in color. Its advantages are non-toxic and tasteless, good heat resistance and cold resistance and stable chemical properties. In addition, it has high rigidity and toughness, high mechanical strength and good environmental stress resistance. Its melting point is about 130 ° C, and the melting temperature is 220 ° C - 260 ° C.


2. What are the production processes for plastic drums?

The production process of plastic barrels, which specifically has the following, is:


Extrusion: This is done by extrusion equipment and can have higher production speeds and lower die pressures, resulting in a reduced melt fracture tendency.

Blow molding: It can be as large or as small as the size of the plastic bucket, and the canister is small enough to hold detergent, milk and distilled water. In addition, with this kind of processing technology, the corners can be automatically removed without the need for post-dressing.

Injection molding: It can be used to produce thin-walled packaging for food. It has a tough and durable plastic barrel with a melt index of 5-10.

Rotational molding: The plastic barrel obtained by this production process has a melt index ranging from 3 to 8, and the product has high impact and small warpage.


3. Does the plastic bucket have a food grade? In addition, what is the glue used to break the plastic bucket?

Plastic drums are food grade, and it is known that this type of plastic drum is made of food grade materials and can be used in direct contact with food to ensure safe and secure use. If the plastic barrel is broken, it can be glued with glue, but you can't use hard glue such as 502 or glass glue. You should use the glue or universal glue for bicycle repair, which can have good bonding effect and make the plastic barrel work normally.http:// fhpails.com/