How to deal with the dirt in chemical barrels

- Jul 06, 2020-

1: The method of heating the chemical plastic barrel can also remove the residue; use the heat seal of the electric hair dryer to soften the residue on the chemical plastic barrel. When the viscosity of the residue is reduced, it can be more Good to remove.

2: Eraser can be used to scrub the edges of chemical plastic barrels, which can better remove marks. If the viscosity of the residue is different, the required cleaning time will be different. If ethanol is available, the use of cleaning after coordination will be stronger or stronger.

3: It is also necessary to clean the chemical plastic barrels with Xin Na water, and it can also receive a very good cleaning effect.

4: Find a large piece of damp cloth covered with vinegar and cover it with a chemical industrial plastic bucket that leaves the residue of the tire membrane. After all the residue is soaked, a thick piece of hard block can be better removed.

5: When removing the residues on the plastic cans of the chemical industry, no matter whether the deglazing water or the edible vinegar is applied, all wetness should be ensured, so that reasonable removal can be ensured.

6: It is also necessary to apply transparent adhesive with greater viscosity to tear the residue, so that the dirt on the surface can also be removed.

7: Fengyoujing can also maintain a very good cleaning effect when cleaning chemical plastic barrels into chemical barrels.

8: For the residue on the chemical plastic barrel, the soap and a small amount of sodium hydroxide solution should be used to remove it, so that the surface of the chemical plastic barrel can become more shiny.