How to clean the paint bucket and its precautions when placing it

- Mar 15, 2019-

Paint buckets, although only three words, have a lot of knowledge content, so you need to learn through deep learning, in order to know how to use the product correctly and have good results at the same time, and then, To make full use of the paint bucket to avoid waste.


1. Want to clean the paint bucket, how to proceed?

To clean the paint buckets, use banana water or petrol to clean them, pour them into the bucket and wash them several times, then rinse them off with water. It should be noted that after cleaning the paint bucket with banana water or gasoline, wash your hands with soap. Because banana water and gasoline have a stimulating effect on the skin, it is easy to dry and crack the skin. Moreover, after washing your hands with soap and applying skin care products such as hand cream, you can avoid this problem.


If the paint bucket contains woodworking white latex, if it has residue on the barrel wall, it does not need to be cleaned. Just find the edge part and slowly pull it down along the side.


What is the height and diameter of the 2.5L and 18L paint buckets? How to calculate the volume?

The 5L paint bucket has a height of 360mm and a diameter of 185mm. The 18L paint bucket has a height of 485mm and a diameter of 350mm. However, this is a common size and there may be other sizes. There are two ways to calculate the volume of the paint bucket. One is to use the cylindrical volume calculation formula, and the other is to calculate according to the amount of paint.


3. There is a VOC on the paint bucket. What does it mean?

There is a VOC on the paint bucket, which is the English abbreviation of Volatile Organic Compounds, the Chinese name is a volatile organic compound. In addition, we need to know that the VOC content is a mass unit, which indicates the amount of volatile matter in the coating formulation, and the amount of VOC released, which refers to the organic volatilization released by the paint during use. The quality of the material, so this is two different concepts that cannot be confused.


4. If there is no unopened paint bucket, is there any precautions when it is placed? What is the quantifier of the paint bucket?

Unopened paint buckets, which have some precautions when placed, the main thing is to avoid exposure and not direct sunlight. In addition, it should be placed in a cool, ventilated place, not in wet and hot places. The quantity of the paint bucket is generally liters, such as 1 liter, 2 liters, 5 liters, etc. If there is paint inside, it can be said how many kilograms, but it can be said how many