How to clean the paint bucket

- May 17, 2019-

Before using paint and varnish remover at home, you should spend some time testing furniture paint with industrial alcohol and natural paint thinner. Old furniture coatings are usually shellac or natural paint, but are difficult to see by visual inspection alone. Shellac varnish and natural lacquer are brighter, such as varnish, but are easier to remove. Take some time to test the paint to significantly reduce the time for subsequent work.


Test the paint on furniture with industrial alcohol. If the paint dissolves, it is marked as shellac varnish; if the paint is soft but does not dissolve, it is a mixture of shellac varnish and natural paint. Next, test with paint thinner; if the paint dissolves, it is a natural paint. Shellac varnish can be removed with industrial alcohol, natural paint can be used with natural paint thinner, mixed paint of shellac varnish and natural paint can be removed with aliquots of industrial alcohol and natural paint thinner. To remove these coatings, it is not necessary to use a compound.

2, brushing your teeth

Apply an appropriate solvent to the outside of the furniture using an old or disposable brush. Let the alcohol or thinner effect for 5 to 10 seconds, then wipe with a coarse cloth or a scouring pad. If the paint is easily rubbed off, you can use alcohol or thinner to remove all the paint without using paint and varnish to remove the paint. Flexible operation - alcohol and thinner evaporate quickly. Clean a small area each time and change the rag frequently to avoid the old paint rubbing into the furniture again.

3, scraper

After wiping off the paint, use a spatula to remove all furniture and remove any paint residue. Furniture scrapers are the best, perhaps using a scouring pad soaked in a thinner. Scratch along the wood grain, taking care not to scratch the wood. Polish the wood if necessary. Do not use force during the grinding process. After polishing, the furniture can be sealed, bleached, bleached or