How to choose the right label for chemical barrels

- Jan 22, 2020-

Many products in the chemical industry use chemical drums, such as: lubricants, cleaning agents, paints, etc. Common chemical barrels are plastic chemical barrels and metal chemical barrels. The label stickers affixed to chemical barrels are called chemical barrel labels, also called plastic chemical barrels, Tietong, metal chemical barrels. We can simply divide the labels on chemical barrels into three categories.

The first category: plastic chemical barrels. It is a plastic bucket, box, bottle or cylinder manufactured by blow molding or injection molding. The label paper affixed to this kind of plastic chemical barrels is usually made of synthetic paper, which can play a waterproof role. It is not recommended to use coated paper. Note that if it is a small-bore plastic bottle, the requirements will be higher, because the object to be pasted is curved, and the area to be pasted is small, and the area to be pasted is small. Paper labels are different.

The second category: metallized petroleum, industrial paint. These metal chemical barrels have labels made of PP synthetic paper and labels made of PET synthetic paper. If the chemical tank has oil stains on its surface, a strong-stick oil-resistant label is required.

The third category: Many people think that I want to talk about glass barrels. Actually, chemical products use small glass bottles, but they rarely use larger glass bottles or glass jars because they are fragile. What I want to say is the third type, chemical barrels, which are actually colored chemical barrels with GHS compliance labels. It can be made of plastic or metal. I classify GHS separately, mainly because these products are used for hazardous products. Treating hazardous products cannot be like ordinary chemical products. The color GHS qualified label has its own standards, and the size and color of the specifications are fixed. Any chemical barrel manufacturer cannot modify it at will. In addition to requiring waterproofing, it must be protected from sun aging and acid and alkali corrosion. It can be immersed in seawater for a long time. normal display.