How to choose the latex paint barrel specifications and whether the latex paint is relevant?

- Mar 24, 2019-

How to choose the latex paint barrel specifications and whether the latex paint is relevant?


Latex paint buckets, as the name suggests, are especially useful for holding, transporting and storing latex paints, so it is necessary to familiarize and understand them, because only after a thorough understanding and understanding of the product can Know what it is and how to use it properly and, in order, make full use of the latex paint bucket and avoid waste.


1. How to choose the appropriate specifications for the latex paint bucket?

The specifications of latex paint buckets are divided into small buckets and large buckets. The main difference between them is that the capacity of the buckets is definitely greater than the capacity of the buckets, which leads to their use. Some differences, small barrel latex paint is suitable for home decoration, large barrel latex paint is suitable for large and medium-sized decoration construction. In terms of specific specifications, the small barrel is 5L and the large barrel is 15L. Therefore, it should be selected according to your specific needs and economic ability, so that you can choose the appropriate specifications.


2. Whether the manufacturer of latex paint buckets should pay attention to it?

The choice of latex paint barrel manufacturers is an important task from a professional point of view, because if the wrong choices are made, it will affect the correct purchase and normal use of the products, so it should not be underestimated and sloppy. Moreover, it has specific requirements, it is to choose professional and regular manufacturers, in order to ensure product quality, and there are many kinds of product specifications and materials, and can also be customized according to user requirements to meet different uses. demand.


3. Do you want to consider the capacity of the latex paint bucket when purchasing latex paint?

The purchase of latex paint, the point that must be taken into account is the price of latex paint, and one of the factors related to the price of latex paint is the capacity of the latex paint bucket, because different capacity latex paint buckets correspond to different prices. Therefore, the purchase of latex paint products requires consideration of the capacity of the latex paint bucket, and there is a great relationship between the two.


4. How many square walls can you paint with a bucket of latex paint?

To answer this question, you need to know the latex paint manufacturer, specifications, price and color, as well as the use of latex paint, because the latex paint of different manufacturers has different hiding power, and may also be in the color of the paint. Not the same, so you need to know the specific information to determine the area of the brush, and then, this question can have a specific