How to choose the iron bucket?

- Jul 30, 2020-

1. Confirmation of iron drum volume

1. If the user fills the liquid, calculate according to the specific gravity (density) of the product, but leave enough 10% of the space required for the product to expand and crack, so as to prevent the iron drum from deforming and cracking when it falls during transportation.

2. If the user holds solids, he can request the iron drum factory to supply iron drums of the same volume for trial installation, and then calculate the required volume of iron drums.

2. Confirmation of iron drum inner coating

The user can supply various inner coating samples from the iron barrel factory to carry out the soaking experiment to analyze the changes of the coating, whether the pigments contained in the coating are dissolved, discolored, dropped, etc. The user confirms and selects the appropriate inner coating variety. There is a protective layer of mineral oil on the surface of the barrel without inner coating. Please select the packaging according to the product.

3. Materials for iron drum manufacturing

The iron barrel is made with cold-rolled sheet as the base material. Because the thickness of the cold-rolled sheet is different from that of the manufacturer when it is rolled, then the iron drum component has a corresponding error. In the production process of iron drums, the inner wall requirements are different and unavoidable odors of varying degrees occur. So please pay attention when choosing the bucket.

4. Confirmation of the inner lining ring of the closed iron drum spiral ring

Before filling the product, the user can propose the requirement of the inner liner for the soaking experiment to the iron barrel factory, whether it meets the product filling requirements, and select the variety of liner materials. The inner liner should confirm the use of different materials according to the different characteristics of the products contained by the user.

V. Material and application method of iron drum liner

The 200L iron drum selected by the user (the thickness of the cold-rolled sheet is 1.0mm) is promised not to be used for export packaging. If it is used for export packaging, the user promises not to trace any responsibility of the supplier for the loss caused by the quality problem of the drum.