How to choose a suitable iron bucket

- May 28, 2020-

The first is the use of these two. The closed iron drum is mainly used to hold liquids, and its products mainly include chemicals, petrochemicals, and paints. The open iron drum is used to hold paint, high-viscosity liquids, powders, and solids. The lid of the open iron drum can be fully opened. It is more convenient to use and operate. It has two types of bolt hoop and wrench-type drum hoop It has high strength and good sealing, and it is easy to operate with a wrench.

When buying an iron bucket, in addition to considering his use, we must carefully observe the quality of the iron bucket, whether it is an open iron drum or a closed iron drum, the same is true. After opening the iron drum, it is necessary to see whether its inner wall is smooth and bright Whether there is a defect, if the inner wall is very good, it is a regular packaging drum, when you buy an iron drum, you can buy it in the same batch, to avoid different batches of products with color difference or quality problems, and to choose when choosing an iron drum The same brand, so that there is no reaction between the primer and the topcoat will affect the use of the effect.