How to choose a good quality round can and its tinplate surface requirements

- May 13, 2019-

Round cans, although only two words, need to have a correct understanding and comprehensive understanding of it, because it is everywhere in our daily life, and it is widely used. Therefore, based on this requirement, the next step is to explain its relevant knowledge so that everyone can achieve the above objectives through learning.


1. Do you have to pay attention to the preparation work before the round can purchase? Is the choice to be cautious?

The preparatory work before the round can purchase, from a professional point of view, this will affect whether the product can be purchased correctly, so it can be said that this is an important task, it needs to be taken seriously, can not be underestimated and sloppy. The purchase of this product needs to be treated with caution and seriousness, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will bring about adverse effects, such as product waste. Therefore, the answer to both questions is yes.


2. How to choose a good quality round can?

If you want to choose a good quality round can, you need to do two things. The specific one is: First, you must have a clear understanding of the use needs, and determine the price range of the product you can afford; the second is to Choose professional and regular manufacturers, so that the product can have good quality and good performance, and then, the product has a good effect.


3. Are square and round cans comparable? What is the surface requirement for tinplate in round cans?

Square cans and round cans, which are two different shapes of cans, and can be used for different purposes. Strictly speaking, they have the same points and different points, but they cannot be compared. Moreover, there is no need for comparison. For tin cans, the surface requirements are as follows: the surface should be smooth and smooth, without holes, scratches and burrs. If the surface is tinned, the amount of tin should be sufficient and there are no omissions. In addition, if there is a pattern or text, the pattern or text should be clear and easy to identify, and the layers should be clearly defined, and the color hue should be correct and uniform.


4. Why is the milk boxed in a box and can the cola be in a round can?

This is because cola is a carbonated beverage that contains a large amount of gas, so it generates a large pressure. It is not easily deformed by a round can, and the milk is easily boxed in a square box. If a cylindrical carton is used, The seal is easy to crack and the like, and is not suitable, so the carton of this shape is not used.