How to check the quality of the chemical barrel and the thickness of the barrel wall

- Oct 07, 2019-

1. When the relative humidity in the chemical barrel is low, the difference between the surface and the water vapor pressure in the dryer is large, and the drying speed is fast, and vice versa. The relative humidity is affected by the drying medium temperature. When the medium temperature is high, the relative humidity is less affected by the operating time.

2. The temperature of the chemical barrel medium is one of the main factors determining the drying speed of the square barrel. When the medium temperature is high, the water vapor pressure difference between the inside and the surface of the square barrel is increased, and the difference between the internal and external moisture content of the milk capillary is increased, so that the water conduction velocity inside the square barrel and the evaporation rate of the surface water are also accelerated. The higher the temperature of the square barrel medium, the faster the drying speed and the shorter the drying time.

In the actual use of chemical barrels, the thickness of the barrel wall will be too large, which will cause deformation of the chemical barrel. The current automatic blow molding machine blank thickness control device controls the wall thickness of the parison and the control points are up to 128 points, generally 20 to 30 points. The effective wall thickness control makes the thickness of the barrel wall uniform as required, and the anti-fall is greatly enhanced.