How to avoid problems with finished products processed from plastic barrels

- Jun 26, 2020-

1. Barrel temperature

The temperature that must be manipulated in the plastic barrel process has potential barrel temperature, nozzle temperature and abrasive temperature. The first two kinds of temperature key affect the melting and fluidity of plastic, and the second kind of temperature key affects the fluidity and cooling of plastic.

Each plastic has a different fluidity temperature. This kind of plastic has a different fluidity temperature and dissolution temperature because of its different origin or steel number. It is caused by the difference in average molecular weight and molecular weight. The melting process of plastic in different types of injection machines is different, so the temperature of the selected barrels is different.

2. Mouth temperature

The temperature of the nozzle of the plastic barrel is generally lower than the normal high temperature of the barrel. It is to avoid the "salivation" of the wear-resistant material in the straight-through nozzle. The temperature of the nozzle should not be too low, otherwise it will lead to the early setting of the wear-resistant material and block the nozzle, or the characteristics of the crafts will be affected because the early setting material is introduced into the mold core.

3. With temperature

Abrasive tool temperature has a great influence on the essential characteristics and apparent quality of crafts. The temperature of the plastic barrel grinding tool is determined by the plastic crystallinity, the specifications and structure of the handicrafts, the characteristics, and other process standards, the temperature of the wear-resistant material, the injection rate and injection pressure, and the cycle time of rubber and plastic products.