How much heat can the plastic bucket withstand

- Aug 29, 2019-

Some plastic barrels are special equipment used in the chemical industry. Different types of plastic barrels produced by different processes and materials have certain differences. However, plastic drums sold directly by plastic barrels have a commonality, which has the advantages of good impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no leakage and long service life. Even so, it can not escape its own shortcomings, that is, there is a certain Heat tolerance range.

The heat tolerance of plastic drums is generally in the range of minus 40 degrees to 60 degrees. If this temperature is exceeded, the plastic barrel will be deformed or even cracked. Therefore, we must ensure that the temperature does not exceed this range when using it. If it is necessary to exceed this temperature, we need to do some precautions, such as placing a plastic bucket around, or other precautions.