How long is the service life of general chemical plastic barrels

- Oct 08, 2019-

The chemical plastic barrels are generally used at a one-time frequency. Therefore, some purchasers can purchase the chemical plastic barrels while meeting the volume requirements and single product standards. The general packaging for the chemical plastic barrel market is 25kg, 25 liter chemical barrels. According to the different needs of users, the weight of the products is controlled to be 1.3 kg - 1.5 kg. 1.3 kg of plastic barrels are mostly disposable chemical barrels, 1.5 kg is a turnover barrel. If in the process of use, pay attention to the product's light and easy handling, 1.3 kg of plastic barrels are used without problems, normal service life For 1 year, the service life of 1.5 kg is 1.5 years.