How high temperature can chemical plastic barrels withstand?

- Aug 11, 2020-

Generally, the highest heat that plastic chemical plastic barrels can carry is 108 degrees, and the minimum heat is minus 70 degrees. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the temperature of the liquid contained in plastic chemical barrels should be minus 40 degrees to zero to six. Ten degrees is more appropriate. If it exceeds this value range, when the liquid with heavier weight or higher temperature is contained, protective measures should be taken for the plastic chemical barrel to avoid deformation of the plastic barrel. Usually we install steel protective materials in plastic barrels. If plastic chemical barrels are used to install liquids that will produce chemical reactions, precautions should be taken to confirm their reaction and whether they can withstand their temperature. Chemical plastic barrels can usually be equipped with liquids. At room temperature, salt, alkali, and other mixtures are no problem. Plastic chemical barrels cannot be used to install strong oxidizing liquids, such as sulfuric acid with a temperature higher than 60 degrees, a concentration higher than 75%, concentrated nitric acid higher than 30%, and so on.