How can I handle the honey in the old iron barrel to feed the bees

- Dec 02, 2019-

In general, the old iron-filled honey contains mainly impurities and heavy metals, so we want to use such honey to feed the bees. We must remove these impurities and heavy metals before feeding. Generally, we divide it into two steps. One is heating, and the other is choosing honey.

First: heating

Generally, when we are heating, we need to directly boil the honey, then add some egg white in the honey when the honey is still hot. The amount of egg white is usually one hundred pounds of honey. Adding two egg whites is enough, and adding 2 ml at the same time. White vinegar, which can remove most of the impurities and heavy metals in honey. After further treatment, it can be used as honey for feeding bees at other times.

Second: choose honey

For the honey after our treatment, we must first let it stand, let the honey stabilize. After our heating and adding egg white, there will always be some foam in the upper layer of honey. We have to remove the foam from the upper layer, and the honey in the bottom contains Many impurities and heavy metals cannot be used to feed bees, so the bottom honey can't be used. We can take the middle part. This kind of honey can be used as a reward feed, used as an auxiliary feed or not safe.