Five-point safety requirements for hazardous chemicals in plastic drums

- Aug 06, 2020-

1) After the filling of hazardous chemicals in plastic drums is completed, the lending unit shall notify the contact of the borrowing unit to arrange transportation within 1 hour after the filling is completed. If the transportation is not completed within the time limit, the lending unit can directly feedback to the production department, which will confirm and implement the assessment on the spot.

2) In the process of loading, unloading and handling of hazardous chemical personnel, they should wear corresponding protective equipment such as goggles (acid-proof screen), acid-proof gloves, acid-proof apron, acid-proof boots, etc. in accordance with the requirements of the safety technical specifications for hazardous chemicals.

3) Handling, loading and unloading of plastic chemical barrels should be lightly loaded and unloaded during transportation. It is strictly forbidden to carry on shoulders, and it is strictly forbidden to drop, bump, impact, drag, dump, roll, and invert to prevent friction, shock and impact to prevent packaging damage and danger Product spillover.

Do not store and transport with other types of hazardous chemicals, especially acids, additives, water-containing substances and moist substances. Articles that do not conflict with the fire protection methods shall not be kept in stock.

It is strictly prohibited to stack and store dangerous chemicals in bulk to prevent tipping or tipping leakage. For example, hydrogen peroxide can cause a reaction under severe vibration at room temperature, causing a container burst or chemical corrosion accident.

5) Dangerous chemical workers should not eat or drink during their operations, and must wear gloves; they must not wipe their mouths, faces, and eyes with their hands. After each operation, the face and hands should be washed with soap (or special detergent), rinse with water, and protective equipment should be cleaned in a timely manner and stored in the first aid box.