Factors affecting the brightness of coating chemical barrels

- Mar 06, 2020-

1. First of all, we must understand the role of materials and rationally adjust the process formula. For example, after the material is heated, the sol has poor fluidity, which causes the coating film tube wall to shine. You can appropriately increase some low-pressure resin and increase the temperature of the material cylinder.

2. Due to the influence of external moisture, the production of a large amount of water vapor during the production process will cause the dark wall of the coating chemical tank to not be bright during the production process, and secondary material drying is required for processing.

3. Coating barrels increase the amount of recycled materials in the production process, which accounts for a large proportion, resulting in a decrease in the whiteness of the barrel appearance. Adopting measures to reduce material recycling, increase share, and appropriately increase low-pressure resin can deal with this problem.

Reasons for the mold: 1. Leakage of the mold cooling system, long-term operation, corrosion and damage to the sealing system, leakage of the mold from one azimuth angle, leakage into the mold, forming a dark barrel wall, replacement of sealing tape is required to ensure leakage.

2. The mold exhaust system is not good. Too much gas remains in the model during production, resulting in poor gloss. Therefore, it is necessary to timely check and correct the mold exhaust system.

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