Does the sealing cap of chemical plastic drum have anti-theft effect?

- Jul 07, 2020-

The sealing function of the anti-theft caps of plastic barrels in the chemical industry is a key element that affects packaging leakage and product transformation. According to the effective manipulation of the sealing function, it can ensure its excellent opening function and avoid the occurrence of leakage. The above is a brief introduction to the leak detection and sealing function inspection of the anti-theft caps of plastic drums in the chemical industry. I look forward to helping the quality management of the production and application companies of anti-theft caps in the chemical industry.

The utility model touches an anti-theft bottle cap, especially an improvement of the anti-theft bottle cap according to the anti-theft ring. This type of anti-theft bottle cap includes a cover body and an anti-theft ring. The cover body and the anti-theft ring are integrated according to a number of fragile connection bridges. The inner cavity of the anti-theft ring is provided with a plurality of inverted teeth on the equidistant circle. The teeth are skewed upwards, and there is a space to make room between the boundary layer in the anti-theft ring and the back side of the inverted teeth. The utility model has the advantages of simple and effective structure, exquisite parts, simple installation, simple production, low cost, not easy to be destroyed, and good sealing and anti-theft effects.

Equipped with professional chemical industry plastic barrel anti-theft cap sealing function test equipment, the chemical industry plastic tank anti-theft cap is linked and encapsulated with a common connection unit, placed in a transparent query tank, and set the experimental water pressure or leakage and other experimental standards In the experiment, the equipment actively performs detection, and experimental data such as water pressure and leakage can be directly flashed on the LCD screen. At the same time, it can also be distinguished according to the situation of the bubble in the transparent query tank.