Disposal method of fluorocarbon paint in waste paint bucket

- May 18, 2019-

For customers who choose fluorocarbon paint according to non-standard color cards and physical samples, it is recommended that customers do the calculation of the paint before making the order, and try to customize the same batch of products at one time. The environmental factors of construction, such as rain, snow, high wind and high humidity, often have serious impact on the fluorocarbon paint coating being constructed. Before construction, the local climate characteristics should be fully understood and the weather forecast should be known in time. For customers with accurate color requirements, if you can't provide the color number and gloss, you can choose the color according to the Pikang physical fluorocarbon paint color card and fluorocarbon paint sample. In view of the large number of samples and color cards, for customers with precise color requirements, It is possible to provide a single color of the object by the customer, to master the correct fluorocarbon paint construction method, and to pay attention to the underside treatment of the coating interval. Different primer materials will choose different primers; the building should be on outdoor steel structure, and then you should find out whether you are buying two-component or one-component, and pay attention to the instructions for use of the product packaging. The outer packaging does not use the text description, then the quality of this paint is worth considering; finally, according to the construction instructions, the proportion of the paint, the construction must be sprayed, that is, there must be pressure equipment and spray gun.www.fhpails.com