Disinfection and sterilization of paint iron drum

- Nov 01, 2019-

The sterilization and sterilization of chemical packaging materials in plastic drums is critical to the shelf life of extended foods. PET plastic drums are one of the most developed areas in the global packaging industry. But the results on the PET barrel are not ideal. The chemical residues in the plastic drum will penetrate into the PET material during the cleaning and disinfection and hot filling process, and the sterilization technology is more worthy of attention. However, the current problem is that the sterilization results of conservative cleaning disinfectants (such as hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid) are obvious.

Plastic barrels coherent: The e25ITB transmitter also facilitates packaging barrel manufacturers in many ways. The conservative disinfection process is costly and complex, and then slowly enters the beverage itself. Such a consumer must be strongly rejected by the problem of plastic barrels except to solve the problem of chemical residues in PET barrels and HDPE barrels. In addition to the high cost of the required reagents, special handling and operational training is required for plastic drums.https://www.fhpails.com/