Development status

- Oct 25, 2018-

At present, China is the world's largest manufacturer of containers, and in this field of production has created three of the world's first. China's container annual production capacity has reached 5.8 million TEU (Standard box), ranked first in the world; production of container specifications varieties of the world first, China's container production from dry containers to general cargo containers, as well as special containers, box-type transport vehicles, specifications have reached more than 900 varieties, to meet a variety of transportation needs Container production and sales volume world first, the world container production and sales volume is 3.92 million TEU, of which China's container production and sales has reached 3.74 million TEU. Through the financial crisis, the global container freight can not be restored to the past prosperity, but tend to slowly recover. In November 2010, the U.S. imported more boxes than the same period in the 2009-year trough, up 14.2%. However, it is also the 3rd consecutive month of imports of containers less than the same level in 2008. According to TEU, the U.S. imports of containers in November compared to October slightly fell 0.9%, but a 14.23% increase compared to November 09. By box count, the volume of imports in November rose by 0.2% from October, up 14% from the same period. In addition, 2010 to date, according to the number of boxes, the volume of imports increased by 14.2% compared with 09, but slightly lower than 08 1.2%. In the same period, according to TEU, the volume of imports increased by 15.9%, but fell nearly 1% compared with 08.