Development of injection molding plastic barrels and attention

- Jul 16, 2019-

Nowadays, the market is increasingly competitive. In the era of market economy, there is no high-quality injection molded plastic barrel products without innovation. Every injection molding plastic barrel company wants to increase its industrial value, visibility, and increase product sales. But we must recognize that in the overall environment of the big market economy, the premise of improving product sales is to really invest in research and development and innovation! Instead of adding products indiscriminately, this stage of development has long passed!

In today's era, it can be said that it is not innovative, no development. In order to develop the plastic injection barrel industry, it is necessary to intensify scientific research and carry out industrial innovation! Jiangyin Shunde Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is well versed in its efforts. In recent years, it has continuously improved the quality of its personnel and increased investment in research and development.

With regard to injection molded plastic drums, many people are well aware that this injection molded product is prone to cracking and does not solve this problem.

In daily life, plastic buckets can be seen everywhere, but plastic buckets can't be used arbitrarily. Do you know that many times need us to pay attention, so what do you need to pay attention to?

Plastic barrels should be arranged in a well-ventilated and well-ventilated chamber. If it is in the high temperature season, it is best to arrange the barrels under the special sheds with four sides to avoid the excessive temperature affecting the growth of unicellular algae. Before the operation, the hand should be washed, and wiped and disinfected with alcohol cotton. The scoop and the scoop of the culture solution and the measuring cylinder or measuring cup with the nutrient salt, the gauze and the nylon film and the inflation tube of the lid mouth must be removed. Use after boiling and disinfection. The expansion culture is prepared by purifying and filtering the seawater by boiling, cooling and adding nutrient salts. Continuously inflated during the day, stopped at night, and does not inflate at noon during the hot season. Plastic drums should be numbered and marked with the date of expansion so that the plastic bucket tertiary tank can be inoculated in the order of expansion. Bottle-to-barrel, barrel-to-barrel, and barrel-to-tank are continuous inoculation processes. Algae species must be pure and in exponential growth phase, and contaminated aging algae species cannot be used for inoculation.