Determination of the volume of purchased steel drums

- Mar 24, 2021-

If the user holds liquid, it is calculated according to the specific gravity of the product, but there must be enough space for the product to expand and crack 10% due to thermal expansion to prevent the steel drum from expanding and cracking when it is deformed. If the user holds solids, the steel drum manufacturer shall be required to provide a certain volume of steel drum for trial installation, and then converted into a steel drum of the required weight and volume, but a certain amount of space must be reserved for wrapping with plastic bags to prevent steel The barrel swells and cracks when it falls and deforms. If users hold products with low boiling points, they must fully consider that such products have vapor pressure at a certain temperature, and the vapor pressure of liquid increases with temperature. In addition, it is necessary to consider the product filling temperature and the maximum storage and transportation temperature that the steel drum may encounter after the product is filled. Generally, 55°C should be considered. In some areas, the temperature difference between 60°C should be considered, which will cause product volume expansion and lead to steel Internal pressure is generated in the barrel. The sum of these two pressures cannot be greater than the allowable internal pressure of the steel drum, otherwise the steel drum will burst. Steel drums are allowed to withstand internal pressure. For details, see the commodity inspection certificate or consult the steel drum manufacturer. If the user's filling temperature is high, the minimum temperature for storage and transportation must be considered. The temperature difference causes the steel drum to generate negative pressure, which causes the steel drum to collapse or collapse when touched. After the filled product is cooled to a certain temperature, screw on the screw plug; leave enough space.