Correct selection of chemical packaging barrel cleaning technology

- May 20, 2019-

At present, reagent-grade chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, are packaged in glass bottles. A PVC/PP/PE/PFA plastic container is also required according to the size and packaging volume of the industry. High-purity electronic chemicals have high requirements on packaging due to low impurity content. Therefore, materials that come into contact with chemicals require good corrosion resistance and high purity requirements. In addition to hydrofluoric acid, high-purity quartz bottles are also transported using raw materials or containers. In accordance with the nature, purity and requirements of the use, PVC / PP / PE / PFA / PTFE plastic containers are also used for packaging. These materials are very wasteful and environmentally friendly after use, so they need to be cleaned and disposed of in chemical drums.

Cleaning is a recommended condition for the complete removal of unwanted conditions in the use of appropriate detergent chemicals. Cleaners need an understanding of the type of substance to remove the basic chemistry that it removes. As we will see later, cleaning and disinfection need to be performed in two steps. It is impossible to disinfect still dirty surfaces. There must be a cleaning step to effectively remove the detergent residue chemical disinfectant that may interfere with the action.

An important step in achieving clean chemical drum control is to use defined cleaning techniques while applying cleaners and disinfectants. Detergents and disinfectants used in chemical drums must have high quality and microbicidal effectiveness. Proper product selection and cleaning techniques are very important, especially in some of the newer cleanroom