Considerations for the purchase of wheeled steel drums and their cleaning and spraying

- Dec 24, 2018-

The drum steel drum is one of the steel drums, but it is improved on the basis of ordinary steel drums to become a steel drum with a pulley, which is convenient for transportation, transportation and use. Therefore, in order to distinguish it from the ordinary steel drum, the steel drum of the drum steel drum will be described below to achieve the purpose.


1. Are there any considerations when purchasing steel drums for product selection?

There are some corresponding considerations for the purchase of steel drums with wheels, and some of them must be taken into consideration, such as the origin of the products, detailed parameters, detailed quotations and price quotes, product quality, manufacturers and products. The six factors of after-sales service are indispensable. Otherwise, it will affect the correct selection and correct purchase of the product. Furthermore, the right product cannot be selected.


2. Is it convenient to clean the drum with steel drum?

Pulley steel drum, this is a specific type of steel drum. After using for a period of time, there may be dirt on the inner wall of the steel drum. At this time, cleaning work is needed to avoid affecting the normal use of the steel drum. From the current state of the art, a dedicated washing machine can be used for this work, and the operation is not complicated, can be easily grasped and can have good cleaning quality and cleaning effect. In addition, after using the special washing machine for the drum steel drum, automatic operation such as automatic barrel feeding can be realized, which reduces the labor intensity and improves the working efficiency.


3. Can I use a spray system for spraying steel drums with wheels?

Roller steel drums, if they want to carry out the spraying operation, can be done by spraying system as long as the conditions are right, and it can improve work efficiency. From a professional point of view, it is possible to use a horizontal steel drum spraying system and mechanized production of the spraying operation to effectively improve work efficiency, spraying quality and spraying effect. In addition, automation can be achieved to increase overall productivity.


4. Is there a roll-up wheel on the drum steel drum?

Whether there is a reeling wheel on the steel drum of the wheeled steel drum depends on the specific conditions and the use requirements of the steel drum. If necessary, the reeling wheel can be installed and used. The part of the reeling wheel can be processed and forged using Cr12MoV because of the high density and strength. In addition, it is also possible to carry out a quenching treatment so that the hardness is in the range of 58-62