Comparison of different types of metal cans and beer cans

- Dec 26, 2018-

A can, which is a packaging container, and can be made of different materials, such as metal materials, plastics, ceramics, etc., as well as other suitable materials. If metal materials are used, they can be called metal cans, and In view of this, this kind of can is widely used and has penetrated into our daily life. Therefore, we need to have a comprehensive and correct understanding of it in order to use it reasonably.


1. Does metal cans have important considerations for product purchase? Is there a consideration of order requirements?

Metal cans, when making product purchases, need to take all relevant factors into account, but there is no important consideration, because as long as it is related to product purchase, it is an important factor and must be considered. In this way, accurate judgments and correct selection of results can be obtained, and, in turn, suitable products can be selected. These considerations, without considering the order requirements, are generally considered comprehensively to ensure that there is a correct judgment and choice.


2. Why is the beer can is a metal can?

The beer cans are made of metal cans and are aluminum two-piece cans because they are made of aluminum alloy sheets as a processing material and subjected to a thinning and stretching process. When it is filled with beer, it will produce a strong internal pressure to compensate for the rigidity of the can body. In addition, the high gas barrier properties, light blocking properties and sealing properties of the metal can keep the quality of the beer in the tank stable. In addition, it can be used for high-speed filling on filling to improve filling efficiency.


3. What are the characteristics of a two-piece stamping can?

Two-piece stamping cans, which are a specific type of metal can, whose outstanding features are:


(1) This type of metal can is obtained by a stamping process, and the side walls are completely smooth and have no seams. Also, the bottom and the side walls can be integrated.

(2) The can body can be cylindrical, and can be appropriately processed and modified on the body edge and the lower edge portion of the can, so that the structural strength thereof is improved, and the appearance of the metal can is beautified.

(3) Most of the two-piece cans adopt the structure of easy opening to facilitate the opening of the two-piece can.


4. Two-piece cans and three-piece cans in metal cans, which one is better?

Metal cans, which have two-piece cans and three-piece cans, and if the two are compared, it can be known that the two-piece can and the three-piece can have the same point and different points, and the same point is Both of these are metal cans, most of which are in the form of cans, the top cover of which is an easy-opening structure, and the double-hem structure is used on the joint. The difference between them is mainly in the way of molding. Therefore, these two kinds of metal cans have their own advantages and disadvantages, can not be compared, can only say which one is more suitable under what circumstances.