Common packaging for chemical barrels

- Apr 13, 2020-

(1) Plastic barrel packaging: fieldbus technology. The use of fieldbus technology first "liberated" most of the hardware, simplifying the cumbersome installation link; in the actual process of production and application, convenience and flexibility are more obvious; you can integrate fieldbus technology with ERP systems, so management The tier system can easily retrieve and analyze the operation data through the ERP system, understand the actual and immediate situation of production, and monitor the operation of the workshop. Fieldbus technology is more commonly used in large domestic food processing enterprises, which provides convenience for the unmanned operation of the entire production line and the seamless connection of transmission, detection and other processes.

(2) Sensor plastic packaging barrel packaging technology. In the food processing and packaging machinery industry, sensors are used in many applications. Sensors are used in the monitoring, filling and packaging, mixing and processing, cooling and heating, cleaning, and packaging processes of food and beverage storage tanks. The gap in the technology application market has become an indisputable place for many automation manufacturers.

(3) Transmission control packaging barrel packaging technology. The use of transmission products in packaging machinery is mainly to adjust the main process speed and control the periodic changes of the speed of the motor in the production process. But for most packaging machinery, the inverter is not a necessary electrical product. The use rate of frequency converters in this industry is low, and there is a large space for development in large-scale standard gauge machines and packaging production lines.

(4) Motion control packaging barrel packaging technology. The application of motion control products on the packaging machine is mainly to achieve precise position control and strict speed synchronization, used for loading and unloading, conveying, marking, palletizing, unstacking and other processes. Due to the rapid development of China's packaging industry, more high-end packaging machinery will be needed in China, and motion control products will gain more room for development in this industry.

(5) Man-machine interface packaging barrel packaging technology. The HMI of chemical iron drum packaging machinery is usually used in conjunction with PLC or single chip microcomputer to set production process parameters, monitor equipment operating status, and record equipment production history. A few high-end machines use chemical barrel touch screens.

(6) Logistics automated packaging barrel packaging technology. The further development of logistics automation completes the entire food processing and packaging production line, and a complete food processing chain is formed. The most direct manifestation of logistics automation technology is to save manpower. Although China's labor force is relatively sufficient, the development of logistics is the general trend.

(7) Automatic identification of packaging barrel packaging technology. Automatically recognize the thickness, hardness, rebound force, etc. of the packaging materials, and feed back to the manipulator to adjust the movement range through the computer to ensure that it does not rebound; at the same time, ensure that different products are packed into the same box, and the arrangement is regular. Because the products delivered by the production line are disordered, probe scanning is needed to determine the position of materials of different shapes, and then feedback to different manipulators, so that it will accurately place the items in the tray in the correct position and direction.