Coating packaging drum packaging and how to clean and maintain

- Jul 16, 2019-

Surface coating is an important process to ensure the surface quality of the coating drum and enhance the corrosion resistance of the coating drum. With the rapid development of the automotive industry and the petroleum industry, the barrel industry has developed rapidly. The amount of paint used in the barrels also increases. The paint coating barrel outer wall coating developed by us has high gloss, high hardness, good adhesion, and can be dried in the required time and temperature. It also has excellent water resistance, weather resistance, no wrinkles and runny defects, and two-color paint. Spraying, no defects such as splashes and undertones.

Paint buckets also need to be maintained from time to time. Review and clean to ensure that there is no dust inside and outside the paint bucket. During the period of review, in the cleaning bucket, please ensure the air extraction pressure first, or the whole paint strip can bring serious harm to the body navigation; regularly check the suction filter blockage, and the cleaning work after the break. If the paint bucket of the paint piece is used, it will be used next week, which can raise the progress of the air motor to ensure that it can be used normally for the paint bucket; then from the paint hose spray gun joint and the wall paint hose plug, Make sure that the paint piece does not dry the lake, prepare a short hose to the spray gun, and pull out the cleaning solvent gun at the other end of the hose until the insulation is clean. If the paint work has been achieved, the bucket should be completely cleaned, especially through the paint bucket smear suction tube, the insulation hose cock and solvent cleaning, and a brief hose is attached to the spray gun.