Cleaning the paint bucket

- Sep 05, 2020-

Paint buckets are generally made by molding methods, and different molding methods often have a great impact on the performance and cost of the product. Various plastics commonly used in plastic packaging containers. Some plastic sealed barrels can be cleaned manually, while others need to be cleaned by machines. The cleaning method of the machine can be divided into two ways: intermittent and continuous:

Intermittent cleaning: Put the plastic sealed buckets into the same tank together, and use a stirrer to remove dirt, such as sand, soil, and other substances on the plastic sealed buckets, and sink them into the bottom of the tank. There are also some substances that are not easy to sink, such as wood chips, paper chips, etc., which require further purification. There are also some substances, such as printing inks, labels, etc., that are very sticky. They can be manually sorted out first, crushed, and then soaked in an alkaline aqueous solution for a period of time before cleaning.

Continuous cleaning: The waste plastic is sent to the plastic crusher by the conveyor belt for coarse crushing, and then sent to the bulk separation section, where sand and gravel are sunk into the bottom of the water and sent away at regular intervals.