Classification of steel drums

- Nov 04, 2020-

 1. Cold-rolled low-carbon thin steel plates are mainly used to manufacture large and medium-sized transport packaging steel drums. 2. Hot rolled low carbon thin steel plate Mainly used to manufacture large and medium-sized steel drums for transportation and packaging. 3. Galvanized sheet steel, also known as white iron sheet, is the most ideal material for barrel making, mainly used to manufacture various steel barrels for industrial product packaging. 4. Tinplate, also known as tinplate, is the main material for the manufacture of small steel drums. It is widely used in the canning industry and can also be used to manufacture other food and non-food small drums and containers. 5. Chrome-plated thin steel plate, also known as Wuxi steel plate, is one of the main materials for the manufacture of small barrels and cans, which can partially replace tinplate, and is mainly used to manufacture food packaging containers.