Classification knowledge of pressure barrels

- Sep 25, 2019-

The pressure tank is also called the storage tank. The glue or fluid is put into the Dongguan pressure tank. The pressure is connected (connecting a pressure regulating valve to control the air pressure and ensuring the air pressure is constant). The glue is pressed out and pressed to the required point. Glue position. Do you know the classification of pressure barrels used in life? The pressure barrel is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel according to the material. The appearance of carbon steel material is not recommended to pour the liquid directly into the powder. It can be put into the glue packaging barrel or stored in stainless steel inner barrel. Stainless steel can directly pour the liquid into the stock.

Stainless steel pressure barrel material can be divided into 201 material, 304 material and 316 material.

201 material, 304 material and 316 material pressure barrel material selection mainly according to the composition of the liquid to be stored, such as strong acid and alkali must use 316 material; Tianshui water liquid requires 304 material, and the dispensing industry uses More epoxy resin, silica gel, etc. can be made of 201 material.

Stainless steel barrels are divided into: ordinary pressure barrels, piston pressure barrels, cylinder type piston pressure barrels, stainless steel heating barrels, carbon steel heating barrels, head pressure barrels, bottom pressure pressure barrels, special pressure barrels for potting.