Chemical plastic barrels have many advantages

- Nov 12, 2019-

Plastic barrels for chemical plastic barrel manufacturers have many advantages, but even the best plastic barrel products, you need to pay attention to his maximum load range during use. Usually, chemical plastic barrels can carry a maximum heat of less than one hundred and eight degrees, and the minimum heat is minus seventy degrees. Therefore, in general, the temperature of liquids carried by chemical plastic barrels should be minus 40 degrees to minus 60 degrees. More suitable. If the value is outside this range, the weight of the device is higher or the temperature is higher, the chemical plastic barrel should be protected to avoid deformation of the plastic barrel.

The barrel wall is smooth, seamless and easy to clean. Product Attributes Chemical plastic barrel products are made of ultra-high molecular weight, high-density low-pressure polyethylene, which can also be packaged for high-temperature products at 90 degrees Celsius. The product also has non-corrosive properties, strong acid resistance, and strong alkali resistance. Functional use Widely used in the packaging of chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Chemical plastics have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good insulation, easy coloring, any shape that can be formed, high productivity, low cost, etc. Therefore, plastic products have been widely used, and the products have penetrated into the national economy. In various industries. In recent years, the use of plastic-based steel and plastic-based wood has become an international trend, and the trend of plastic parts has been continuously strengthened, and all-plastic products have appeared one after another. The acid and alkali resistance of plastic products is also inaccessible to steel products. Now every household is inseparable from plastic products, so the prospect of plastic products is still very objective.

The materials used in chemical plastic drums are mostly blown with plastics such as polyethylene and polyester. They are mostly used for glacial acetic acid, tert-butyl peroxide, petroleum dangerous goods, and acid-base corrosive drugs. It has good characteristics, it is not brittle, rust-free, light weight, etc., and it has excellent oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance.