Chemical plastic barrel process is selected for integrated molding

- Sep 16, 2019-

The color of chemical plastic barrels is adjusted with imported energy-saving and environmental-grade color masterbatch, so that the color uniformity of the products is more vivid and round from the appearance; the wall thickness of the whole barrel is equal: the introduced high-quality wall thickness control experience makes the size of the barrel wall extraordinarily standard;

The appearance of chemical plastic barrels is clear and lubricated, and all technicians carry out re-inspection to meet the appearance of the barrel without pollution, damage, ribbon, shape change, etc., and enhance the beauty; the whole barrel of humanized planning: a barrel type in the planning start Humanization makes the product entrainment more comfortable and more convenient;

A variety of chemical plastic barrels can be closed to meet the needs of multiple categories. Because some industries have a demand relative to closure, we must definitely purchase the corresponding products according to the characteristics of each industry.

Chemical plastic barrels are processed with high-grade new materials. No other illegal substances are added in the production process, which meets the requirements of food processing. Excellent chemical reliability can ensure the safe transportation of products, especially the transportation of chemicals; the barrel is beautiful: Cost-effective control of the occurrence of shape changes, in line with our aesthetics;

The production of chemical plastic barrels is selected by the rotomolding process to ensure that the products are free of welds, non-toxic and tasteless, acid and alkali resistant, impact resistant, thickened products with high temperature resistance of 80 ° C, low temperature resistance -40 ° C, not easy to age. The chemical plastic barrel has excellent sanitation and anti-ultraviolet ability, is resistant to impact, is resistant to strong earthquakes, is not easy to aging, does not grow algae, is easy to clean, prevents rodents, prevents termites, and is easy to move. As for the higher quality and more characteristic plastic barrels, it is now widely used in the current way, secondary water supply and water storage for high-rise buildings; water treatment and purification equipment; industrial water cooling; chemical preparation, chemical industry Raw materials, various oils, drinks, storage and transportation.

Chemical plastic barrels can be used as food, clean and convenient, and its proper planning and standard quality can be used in the transportation, distribution, storage and circulation production of the factory. Chemical plastic barrels are used for packaging and transportation of products in many industries, and can be customized according to the needs of customers' products. Our product use characteristics to achieve the principle of national use, get a lot of customers love.