Chemical plastic barrel anti-theft bottle cap sealing test needs

- Aug 13, 2019-

The utility model relates to a burglar-proof bottle cap, in particular to an improvement of a bottle cap which is burglar-proof by an anti-theft ring. The anti-theft bottle cap comprises a cover body and an anti-theft ring, and the cover body and the anti-theft ring are connected by a plurality of frangible connecting bridges, and the inner wall surface of the anti-theft ring is provided with a plurality of equally-circumferential inverted teeth, and the inverted tooth is inclined Upward, there is a space between the inner wall surface of the anti-theft ring and the inner side of the inverted tooth. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, exquisite parts, simple assembly, easy manufacture, low cost, no damage, good sealing and anti-theft effect.

It is equipped with a special chemical plastic barrel anti-theft cap sealing performance test device. The chemical plastic barrel anti-theft bottle cap is packaged with a special connecting unit link, placed in a transparent observation tank, and the test conditions such as test pressure or leakage are set to start the test. The instrument automatically performs tests, and test data such as test pressure and leakage can be displayed directly on the LCD screen. At the same time, it can also be judged by transparently observing the condition of the bubbles in the tank.