Chemical packaging iron drum management and countermeasures

- Jul 20, 2020-

The management of chemical packaging iron drums is the key, and strict management is the key to preventing illegal cleaning of the packaging drums. The workload is large, which requires coordination and coordination of departments and comprehensive management at multiple levels.

(1) Government departments clarify the management requirements for the handling and disposal of chemical packaging iron drums, and carry out comprehensive remediation work. Coordinate the environmental protection, safety supervision, land, economy, development, reform, public security, urban management and other departments to jointly carry out law enforcement work.

(2) Take the mature technology and complete technology of chemical packaging iron drum recycling enterprises as the leader, build a packaging drum collection and utilization platform to attract and encourage other enterprises to participate. The government should give appropriate preferential policies to alleviate the operating pressure of enterprises, and establish a complete collection, disposal and recycling system for packaging drums in certain areas.

(3) Establish and continuously improve the management, R&D and pollution prevention system of the packaging iron drum treatment enterprise, improve the clean production technical measures and facilities, implement the clean production process, strengthen the scientific research and test guarantee system, and gradually build the automated management system and the barrel traceability system . After solving environmental protection issues, we will further build a scientific research platform, transition to modern large-scale production, and carry out continuous cleaner production.

(4) On the basis of relevant pollution prevention and production safety laws and regulations, compile and improve the guidelines and relevant specifications for the clean production and reuse of chemical packaging iron drums. Strengthen investment in science and technology, strengthen research and development of new technologies and new processes.

(5) Increase publicity efforts and strengthen social supervision. It has made the society widely aware of the hazards of the disposal and disposal of waste chemical packaging iron drums. Especially for the current situation where there are many enterprises in the drum recycling industry, many illegal acts, and heavy regulatory tasks, there are objectively a certain degree of regulatory blind spots. Therefore, increasing publicity and raising the public's environmental awareness, hazard awareness, and supervision awareness are powerful supports and guarantees.