Chemical barrels to identify good and bad ways

- Feb 29, 2020-

With the current boom in the chemical barrel market, people's enthusiasm for purchasing chemical barrels is also very high. However, most customers expressed a reluctant attitude when purchasing chemical barrels. This would also affect the sales of chemical barrels. If they could not, they abandoned the purchase in a hesitation. For this editor we teach you some straightforward ways to identify the quality of chemical barrels. We recommend that you drop a few times before you buy chemical barrels. Plastic barrels are not afraid of falling. Of course, thickness is also an important criterion. No matter how good the plastic is, it is too thin and the service life will not be too long. From the appearance, it should be smooth, and the inside of the barrel should not be too rough.

Another thing is to get a chemical barrel, first you need to smell it. If there is a very obvious plastic taste, it means that the barrel must be made from recycled materials. The brand-new chemical barrel does not have this harsh smell .

The last is to suggest that you can squeeze the chemical barrel inwards with your hands to see the elasticity of the barrel. If there is a feeling of cracking, let go quickly, otherwise it will really break. Not so good. The new chemical barrel has very good elasticity, and it will not deform if it is not caused by high temperature.