Chemical barrels should also be tested for quality at the factory.

- Jul 05, 2019-

We should be aware that chemical drums are used for the transportation of liquids. When using them, they should be protected from the surrounding environment. They should also be prepared for accidents to avoid problems during transportation. Therefore, there are many experiments to be carried out during the test. The first step is to do a vibration test. The chemical tank is placed in a vibrating device for testing, so that it can test its impact resistance. There is also its stacking test, in order to avoid damage to the storage stack. There is also a drop test, etc., to prevent it from leaking and rupturing under stress, and only to ensure that these tests are qualified before it can be put into use.

Of course, when using it, we should also pay attention to selecting different functional products according to different solutions. Because different chemicals have different requirements in corrosiveness, etc., transportation should also pay attention to its maintenance. Better play its effects.