Chemical barrels are widely used in industry, why can't they store diesel

- Oct 07, 2019-

Chemical rubber barrels are widely used in the outer packaging of occupational liquids and solid objects such as chemicals, pesticides, medicine, food, hardware electronics, and electromechanical.

1. Filling the diesel fuel into the chemical plastic barrel will increase the acidity value of the diesel oil. After 7 days of standing in the chemical plastic barrel, the acidity value will be continuously added. Due to the increase of acidity, the diesel engine supply system will be accelerated. Corrosion of the piece;

2. The carbon residue of the diesel residue will be added. After storing in the chemical plastic barrel for a few days, the residual carbon in the residue will be added more than 1 time, which seriously affects the quality of the diesel.

3. After the diesel is placed in the chemical plastic drum for three days, the gum content is more than 10% than the initial addition. After 9 days of storage, more than 30% is added. This causes the formation of carbon deposits, film and sludge in the diesel engine, and then affects the normal operation of the engine.

4. The diesel distillation range will be significantly extended. Diesel fuel stored in chemical rubber drums will extend its distillation range, which will affect the start-up performance and operation balance of the diesel engine, and the diesel fuel will not be completely incinerated, which will constitute carbon deposits and increase the unit consumption of fuel.

Our company advises all friends not to use chemical rubber barrels to store diesel.