Check whether the appearance of the plastic barrel is qualified

- Jun 17, 2019-

The temperature acceptance scheme of the plastic barrel is usually within the range of minus 40 degrees to 60 degrees. It is assumed that the plastic barrel will be deformed or even split according to this temperature, so we should ensure that the temperature does not exceed this scheme when using it. Assuming that it is necessary to exceed this temperature, we need to do some precautions, such as putting a plastic bucket around, perhaps other precautions.

Can prepare the same material as the plastic bucket, use high-temperature metal materials, make the local and spare materials of the plastic barrel crack contact with each other, then soften and stick, wait for a moment to cool down, the plastic bucket can be used normally, one kind The solution is to use a long, white plastic rod, which is softened with fire and glued to the cracks, so that the plastic bucket can be repaired, and this method is relatively simple.

The weight or proportion of the dangerous goods contained in the plastic drum shall not exceed the large amount or specific gravity of the contents that can be carried. The dangerous goods that require high-class packaging shall not be used in plastic drums with low risk categories, and plastics without venting holes shall not be used. The barrel shipment will release the risk of gas during the storage and transportation process. The single component or volume of the dangerous goods contained in the plastic barrel shall not exceed the high limit of the rules for the transportation of dangerous goods.

The edges are touched by hand, there is no significant edgy, and there are chamfers at each corner and no hand. The rubber surface is free from impurities and black spots. The appearance of the bucket is smooth and smooth. In order to avoid inspection, many manufacturers put a thin layer of good material on the surface. The typical gold jade is ruined. It should be carefully observed whether there is any leakage. In general engineering plastics, plastics in the days have no pungent odor. If there is an unpleasant smell in the open bucket, it is very irritating, so don't buy it. This is probably a secondary material and a reclaimed material. Into.

The method of heating the plastic drum manufacturer can also remove the residue, and the residue on the plastic bucket is softened by heat sealing using a hair dryer, and can be easily removed when the viscosity of the residue becomes small. It can be wiped at the edge of the plastic bucket with an eraser, making it easy to remove marks. Regarding the viscosity of the residue, the required wiping time will be different. If there is alcohol, it is better to use the cleaning after cooperation. It is also possible to wipe the plastic bucket with the sodium water, and it can also receive a good cleaning effect. Or find a piece of dry cloth covered with vinegar, cover it on a plastic bucket with residual residue, and then use the thin piece of hard material to remove it easily after all the wetness of the