Characteristics of iron bucket sealant

- Jan 10, 2020-

Most of the current sealants are a new type of polymer sealing material, which is in a liquid state, so it has good fluidity. It can fill the gaps in the narrow gaps of the crimped joint surface of the steel drum to form a uniform, continuous, and stable viscoelastic film. From the surface, it can seal and prevent leakage between the crimping joints of the iron barrel.

The emergence of sealant was inspired by coatings and adhesives and developed through various improvements. However, it is different from coatings and adhesives. It does not protect the surface of iron drums like coatings, and it does not rely on adhesives like adhesives. The adhesive force glues the components of the iron drum together, but acts as a kind of sealing filler, which is added between the joint surfaces of the two parts of the steel drum to play a sealing role.

The sealant is different from the seal putty, and it must be given a certain tightening force for the seal to exert its sealing effect. So some people call the sealant a "seal". However, it is different from solid sealing gaskets made of rubber, asbestos, metal, paper and other materials. It has fluidity, so there must be no compression deformation when a solid gasket is used for sealing, so there is no internal stress, relaxation, Creep and elastic fatigue failure cause leakage.

The sealant has excellent sealing performance under a certain tightening force, good pressure resistance, heat resistance, and oil resistance; good stability to media (oil, water); no corrosion to steel; at the same time, the manufacturing process is simple and the price is cheap , Convenient storage. Therefore, it is an ideal steel drum sealing material.