Can tinplate can print text patterns and compare with other cans?

- Apr 10, 2019-

Tinplate tin, which is a kind of iron can, is called tinplate can because it uses tinplate. Below, I am familiar with and understand this kind of iron can, so that I know what it is and how to use it reasonably, and then get the desired effect.


1. Is the purchase of tinplates important? Is the product customizable?

The purchase of tinplate cans is an important task, and it needs to be taken seriously and seriously. Otherwise, it will result in waste of products due to misplacement and a certain economic loss to users. Moreover, all relevant factors should be taken into account in order to have an accurate judgment and, in turn, to select a suitable product.


This product of tinplate cans is generally a standard product, but if there are special requirements, it can also be customized for sample processing. However, this is a non-standard product, and the price of the product is not the same as the price of the standard product.


2. Can I print text or graphics on the tin can?

On the tin can, you can print text or patterns, because the surface of the tinplate can print text or patterns. In the printing operation, the physical property of repelling ink is utilized, and the text or pattern is transferred to the tinplate by the printing pressure, and the printing process is quite different from the ordinary offset printing.


The printing equipment used in the tin can printing process is quite different from the printing paper printing machine. Since the tinplate is insoluble in water and does not adsorb the solvent, the printing ink needs to be baked at a high temperature to cure the solvent volatilization film. Therefore, an oven is required in the printing process unit.


3. The difference between tinplate cans, aluminum cans and tin cans

Tinplate tin, which is made of tinplate, is tinned on iron, aluminum can is made of aluminum, and tin can is made of tin. So in terms of materials, these three cans are different. Tinplate cans are more complicated than aluminum cans and tin cans, while aluminum cans and tin cans are made of a single material.


4. What are the meanings of “15120”, “15173” and “15240” on the tin can?

"15120", "15173" and "15240" on the tin can, which refer to the three dimensional parameters of capacity, diameter and height of the can. The capacity of 15120 is 2.2kg, the diameter is 150.3, the height is 120; the capacity of 15173 is 3kg, the diameter is 150, the height is 173; the capacity of 15240 is 4.5kg, the diameter is 150, and the height is 240.