Can the plastic chemical barrel be used for the second time?

- Jun 22, 2020-

Commitment to the crystallization of the barrel surface, bruising, pigment spots, changes, etc., to improve the visibility; the versatility customization of the entire barrel: each shape swells at the starting point of customization to consider the versatility, resulting in more comfortable handicrafts brought in, after More convenient.

Many customers will not directly discard the paint plastic chemical barrels after use, but clean them up before use. In use, not only because the paint plastic chemical barrels often contain portable type, it is convenient to carry, many farmer friends will put clothes and other objects in the paint plastic chemical barrels, and then use the plastic chemical barrels instead of boxes on the way out To use.

In addition, some people also use plastic chemical barrels to pickle radishes, pickles, etc. For this use, we recommend that the plastic chemical barrels must be thoroughly cleaned, and this is not recommended because of the long-term use of food Stored in paint plastic chemical barrels, the safety is worrying.

Since the chemical barrels are made of plastics after all, it is recommended that you do not need to pickle radishes or pickle wines for plastic tanks used in chemical plants. Plastic chemical barrels are not allowed in some situations due to the impact of use. For secondary use; for storage of food, a short period of time is possible, but if it is long-term, we have to choose another container. Although the plastic chemical barrel is a container for storage and transportation, some liquid storage is due to the constituent materials. Avoid using it, as if diesel fuel must not be used in plastic drums.