Can the plastic bucket be white and worn

- Oct 19, 2019-

Exposure is one of the reasons why the plastic drum is damaged too quickly. When 2 plastic buckets are exposed to light, there is usually a temperature change that can be regarded as heating, and an increase in temperature accelerates the diffusion of oxygen, thereby increasing the oxidation rate. Initiation of hot glue and cracking, and contact with oxygen or even ozone in the air, excessive bonding or molecular chain breakage can accelerate aging, and there are other factors such as water, high-energy radiation, medium and so on.

In addition, long-term use of plastic barrels for handling, plastic barrels and the ground friction, will also wear the edge of the barrel, which will reduce the life of the plastic barrel. It should be noted that although some plastic barrels can be used, the life of the plastic barrels will be very short. It is recommended to replace the new plastic barrels to facilitate liquid storage.

The plastic bucket is a kind of packaging container, which is mainly used for liquid filling. Therefore, it has very strict requirements for its sealing during production. However, in the use of some plastic barrels, the sealing of the plastic barrel is always found. The problem is that the plastic bucket is almost equivalent to the explosion. Why is there a problem with the tightness of the plastic bucket, and what are the factors that affect the tightness of the plastic bucket?

In fact, when there is a problem with the tightness of the plastic barrel, we must first find out what went wrong, such as: there is a problem with the sealing of a plastic barrel, or the sealing of the whole batch of products, the factors affecting the sealing of the plastic barrel are The following aspects:

1. The plastic material is not good. Usually, some manufacturers do not mix waste materials to reduce the cost of products, which leads to a decline in the quality of raw materials, thus affecting the sealing of plastic drums;

2, the material formula is not professional. There are many kinds of materials for producing chemical plastic barrels. The commonly used materials are polyethylene and polypropylene. The plastics and additives used in the production of chemical plastic barrels are different, and the properties of different raw materials are quite different. Some materials are hard, some materials It is softer, and to improve the sealing performance of plastic drums, it is necessary to fully understand the material properties and give full play to its advantages. The proportion and formulation of materials are critical, which is an important factor affecting the tightness of plastic drums;

3, the mold is not precise enough. The lack of precision of the mold will affect the fit of the plastic lid and the barrel. The precision of the mold is also an important factor affecting the sealing of the chemical plastic barrel;

4. The equipment has not been debugged. The equipment must be commissioned before production. The poor commissioning will also affect the sealing of chemical plastic drums.

The plastic bucket is a light liquid packaging container which has good sealing property when it is filled with liquid. Its production material is not easy to corrode, light in weight, and performs well in logistics and transportation, so it is favored by liquid product manufacturers. Because plastic drums are light in weight, they can be stacked in a warehouse to save space in the warehouse. They may need to be stacked very high when stacked. Is such a plastic bucket convenient for stacking?

The quality of the plastic barrels is light, and it only needs to be placed in a uniform and orderly manner during stacking, so there will be no major problems. It should be noted that the empty plastic barrels are of lighter quality, and should be handled with care when stacked. Once the force is too strong, the plastic barrels may fall or be skewed.

Another point to be reminded is that if a large number of plastic buckets are stored in the warehouse, it is necessary to pay attention to fire prevention. After all, its material is flammable, and more safety is more assured.