Can the paint bucket be customized and how can the bucket be separated from the paint?

- Dec 14, 2018-

Paint buckets are used to hold and store paint and paint, and are convenient for loading and unloading and transportation. In the renovation project, it will also be used frequently, so based on these two points, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the paint bucket to have a correct understanding of the product, and then, it can be used reasonably.


1. Can the paint bucket be customized?

Paint buckets, the products are customizable, mainly to paint buckets of different capacities and specifications to meet different user needs. From the current point of view, the paint bucket is in the specification capacity, and its range is 0.5L-200L. The specific specification capacity is determined by the use requirements. If the amount of use is not large, you can choose a paint bucket with a smaller capacity; if the amount is large, you can choose a paint bucket with a large capacity.


2. If the paint bucket is filled with paint, how can the paint be judged from the appearance?

If the paint bucket is filled with paint, it is judged from the appearance whether the paint is available, mainly whether the seal of the paint bucket is good, and whether the paint bucket is bulged. If the paint bucket is bulged, the paint may have expired or deteriorated. It can't be used to prevent various problems.


3. How to recycle after using the paint bucket or the used paint bucket?

After the paint bucket is used or the used paint bucket is forbidden to be discarded, it should be recycled by the manufacturer or sent to the recycling station, and crushed by the paint bucket crusher to obtain the metal material that can be recycled and reused to realize the paint bucket. Recycling, in this way, can also avoid the problem of environmental pollution, as well as the waste of material resources. In addition, the crusher can be used to crush the paint bucket, which can have a good crushing effect.


4. There is paint in the paint bucket. How to separate the bucket from the paint?

If there is paint in the paint bucket, if you want to separate the bucket from the paint, you can use chemical thinner to achieve the purpose. If it is still liquid paint, it can be directly removed by using chemical thinner. If it is already cured, spray the surface with thinner, and then slowly remove the paint after it has softened. However, it is important to note that it is necessary to operate correctly and in order to achieve the objectives and avoid problems.