Whether the automobile oil tank can be customized and the structural improvement of the oil tank

- Dec 18, 2018-

The automobile oil tank is used to hold various oils, so it is called an oil tank. Moreover, this is also a container, mainly used to transport and store various oils to facilitate the transportation and use of oil. So, based on this, the next step is to learn and understand the oil tank and know what it is.

1. How to consider the price of the automobile oil tank? Is there a requirement for the manufacturer's choice?

The price of the automobile oil tank, which is an important aspect of the oil tank, needs to be taken seriously and taken seriously. The aspects that need to be specifically considered are the real-time quotation, price quotation and wholesale price of the product. Only when all three are considered, can the appropriate product price range be determined, and then, the appropriate product can be selected. In the choice of manufacturers, it is required to select a formal professional manufacturer to ensure product quality and product use.


2. Improvement of automobile oil tank

Conventional automobile oil tanks have some shortcomings in the process of use, so improvements are needed to improve the performance and use of the products. Further, there is a convenience and labor saving, and it is not easy to leak and cause A waste oil tank, which uses HDPE, has a "human" shape on the top of the tank. The structural form of this type of oil tank is:


The top of the tank body is provided with a grease nipple, the other side is provided with a top handle, and the side of the tank body is provided with a side handle. The open end of the oil nozzle is provided with a trapezoidal external thread with a tooth pitch of 4 mm, and a grease nipple cap is provided on the oil nozzle, and the oil nozzle cover is inside the oil nozzle cover. The trapezoidal internal thread is set, and the trapezoidal internal thread and the external thread cooperate with each other. In addition, a plurality of non-slip projections are arranged on the nozzle at intervals of 45 degrees. The structural characteristics of this type of oil tank are:

(1) The grease nipple on the automobile oil tank is placed vertically on the top of the tank so that the nipple is flush with the outer surface of the tank.

(2) The top handle and the side handle on the top of the automobile oil tank body are connected as one body and are integrated.

(3) The trapezoidal internal thread of the oil nozzle cap and the trapezoidal external thread at the open end of the nozzle are single head teeth with a tooth height of 1.2 mm and a tooth width of 2 mm.

(4) In the automobile oil tank, the angle between the two waist and the bottom side of the trapezoidal external thread is 55 degrees and 78 degrees, respectively.


3. Can the automobile oil tank be customized? Can I use tinplate in the oil tank?

Automobile oil tank This kind of oil tank, its products can be customized, according to different user requirements or some special requirements. However, this is a non-standard product and is not the same as the standard product in terms of price. In addition, the oil tank can be used as a material for tinplate, because it is suitable for use and can have a good effect.http://fhpails.com/